Background Information

With less than five years to the deadline of meeting the MDGs, Nigeria according to is not likely to achieve more than 3 goals of the MDGs.

Nigeria’s localized version of the MDGs, NEEDS was designed as a home-grown poverty reduction strategy but it’s objectives and goals have failed to reflect in Nigeria’s performance in meeting the MDGs.

With several projects being carried out by Civil Society Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) all over the country, we would have expected that the impact of such projects should have brought about a considerable improvement in the economic and social conditions of the poor.

GDMI is committed to tracking the impact of these numerous projects and ensuring that these projects count in the nation’s quest for achieving not only the MDGs but also our National developmental goals while working in synergy with other progressive organizations.

GDMI is an accountability based initiative that leads, plans, co-ordinates and undertakes evaluation and monitoring of projects and programmes. It promotes evaluation results and best practices to improve programmes and project performances aimed at enhancing development in Nigeria. Our work covers education, youth development, basic infrastructural amenities, health and environmental sustainability. This makes the organization committed to promoting the right of citizens and ensuring that both rural and urban communities have a voice in decisions that affect them.